Make Dollar Tree Your Last Minute Stop for your Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party!

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I love me some Dollar Tree.  I decided to go have some fun there this past week.  Yes, I may be odd, but I consider going to Dollar Tree fun.  The kids and I enjoy searching for treasures there, and I needed some pre-school and kindergarten workbooks for R.  But I couldn’t escape without ogling all of the fun stuff for Valentine’s Day.

I love the huge selection they have of assorted kids Valentines. Shopkins, StarWars & PawPatrol to name a few for only $1.





This is just a tiny peak of chocolates and sweets they have!!!!



But I really love the pencils and erasers… I can’t wait for R to be in school so I can help her make cute Valentine’s like this –  “You’re just write”  or make these cute cards with bubbles for the girls. The airplanes would be fun for the Valentine’s for boys.! All of these for just $1 each.


Since R isn’t in school yet, I’m gonna ask her daddy go get one these adorable little mailboxes and fill it with some cute socks, stamps, and what ever little goodies he can find.


I love celebrating all of the little fun holidays like Valentines, but they don’t have to break the bank. In addition to getting the kids a few trinkets and such… I will probably make heart-shaped egg in a hole for breakfast, heart-shaped pb & j’s, and such for the kiddos.  Any just maybe some homemade cookies


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